All Light Shall Fade​.​.​.

by Majesty in Ruin

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2014 demo recordings


released August 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Majesty in Ruin Florida

Doom Metal from the United States by John Gaffney (Sinister Realm) on bass/rhythm guitar & Rich McCoy vocals.

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Track Name: Mother of Desire
On chthonian shores
Where the spirit may roam with the tide
There's a gleam from a star
Above the mother of harlot's eye

The Slant and Tortuous Serpents
With crowns of gold and silver entwined
Caressing the seed of life
That is neither dead or alive

The Tortuous Serpent awaits in the shadows
Stealing the seed of all life from the void
A gaze beyond the desires of man
With the will to see the earth be damned

Deep within a lucid dream
Where the spirits are plucked from the tide
In the blackness of the womb
Where soulless creatures writhe
Track Name: The Lamp of Invisible Light
Pt 1: The Invocation
Oh great wonder in the Heavens, Woman clothed with the Sun
Crowned by the stars above, You move the Earth below
My desires are all for thee and shall shatter the universe
Manifest yourself before me, Manifest before me

Lift up your heads! And ye gaze! As grass refreshed by the rain
Thou art horned as the moon, Thou, as the moon.
You, the lotus of eternal life, Bright gate of Glory through the darkling skies!
Oh hear and save! Oh hear and save! I invoke thee

Pt 2: Invisibility & Light:
Come unto Me,
(Thoth), Lord of the Astral Light!
I adjure Thee
O invisible Light!
These words are my power
O intangible Light!
By the light in thy midst
By the light in thy midst

Behold! I am a circle
My life, the circle of the sky.
I am the Alpha Omega
I change but I cannot die!
O ye! Birds of Resurrection,
(Who are) the hope of men's mortality!
Depart from me,
ye workers of iniquity!

Ye are the watchers and my soul the shrine
I enter the darkness and obtain the light

Gather, O Gather, Flakes of Astral Light
Shroud, shroud my form in your substantial night
Gather, O Gather, at my Word Divine,
Ye are the Watchers and my soul the shrine!


Make me as a shroud of darkness;
a formula of defense
That I may become invisible,
Beyond the eyes of seeing men!
Clothe me and hide me,
at my charm's control;
Darken man's eyes
and blind him in his soul!

Track Name: Remembrance
There's no rest here in this cold, amongst the shadows, amongst these stones.
There once was a time...
My memory, a vague and fading light.

From here it's difficult to see. Do all of your hopes lay buried with me?
All that was once mine,
Taken away by the cold hands of time.

Will you remember me with your words
Will my voice echo in your memories
Do you call on me in your hour of need
Or have I disappeared from sight
I lived until there was nothing left of me
Who will remember all of those times when...
Can you hear the sound of my silent suffering?
Now lost in the depths of time

Don't let me go...